Sunday, January 10, 2010

Final Poll (these are my votes)

1) Boise State
2) Bama
3) Texas
6) Cinci
7) Ohio State
8) Oregon
9) Iowa
10) Virginia Tech
11) BYU
12) Nebraska
13) Utah
14) Georgia Tech
15) Penn State
16) LSU
17) Pitt
18) Wisconsin
19) USC
20) Central Michigan
21) Texas Tech
22) Miami
23) Ole Miss
24) West Virgnia
25) Oregon State

Also considered: Navy, Oklahoma

everyone else sucks

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Sheraton Hawaii Bowl

To night we get to watch an interesting match up between the nations most improved SMU Mustangs and WAC runner up Nevada Wolf Pack. The pack is without its two leading running backs, which has ESPN analysts picking SMU winning 35-24. I'm not sure what the casino's have for the spread, but if is anything near this, bet the Pack. The Nevada run game will be in full force tonight, with Mike Ball getting most of the carries. Ball might be Nevada's most talented runner, and Nevada's O-line is excellent at creating lanes for their backs. I expect another barn burner, but Nevada should easily come out on top.

Go Pack!!!


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

King's Poll

1) Texas
2) Florida
3) Boise State
4) TCU
5) Alabama
6) Cinci
7) Georgia Tech
8) LSU
9) Iowa
10) Oregon
11) Utah
12) Houston
13) USC
14) Arizona
15) Ohio State
16) Wisconsin
17) Oklahoma State
18) Miami
19) BYU
20) Oregon State
21) Virginia Tech
22) West Virginia
23) Penn State
24) Stanford
25) Ptt

First Round

# 1 Texas vs # 16 Wisconsin
#2 Florida vs 15 Ohio State
# 3 Boise State vs 14 Arizona
4 TCU vs 13 USC
5 Alabama vs 12 Houston
6 Cinci vs 11 Utah
7 Georgia Tech vs 10 Oregon
8 LSU vs Iowa

you are right NCAA, who would want to see this. Not one of these match ups is even remotely interesting.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Sept. 3, 2011. The offer stands, the Broncos will go anywhere."

Boise BCS Blocked

Please read this article! I completely understand why "big" schools don't want Boise to come to their place; who would want to get spanked by a WAC team at home in front of your own fans on national television? There are, however, teams in every conference (especially the ACC, Big East, and Big Ten) that could use such a strength of schedule booster, yes even in the SEC.

Lets implement a playoff (without losing the bowl games, read Playoff Proposal)and fix this problem. The NCAA can come up with as many excuses as possible for not implementing a playoff; however, money and power are the only real reasons. The "big" six have all the power and they don't want to spread the wealth. Anyway, read the article and feel my pain.

On a side not, I bet they make Boise and TCU play each other in a bowl game again. While this would be (and was) a great game, we have already seen it. It would just be a convenient way to keep both teams out of the BCS bowls and/or from beating any big name teams.

So frustrating...


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

King's poll of genius

The BCS hasn't completely screwed it up, but by the end of this week it will have happened and the whole world will be angry, besides a few illogical SEC fans. Without further waiting:

1) Boise State - I agree their schedule as a whole is weak, but who has a better win than them?
2) Texas
3) Florida
4) TCU
5) Bama
6) Oregon
7) Cinci
8) Iowa - I hate them.. but I love their clutchness, although you shouldn't have to be clutch against Arkansas State and Northern Iowa

9) Utah - people can hate on this all they want, but their only loss is to number 6 Oregon by a TD
10) Georgia Tech
11) LSU
12) Penn State
13) Houston
14) USC
15) Miami
16) Arizona
17) Ohio State
18) Oklahoma State
19) Cal
20) BYU
21) Wisconsin
22) Virginia Tech
23) Oklahoma
24) South Florida
25) Central Michigan

Monday, October 26, 2009

Mommy effing Wow !

I have been silent for several weeks, well over a month sadly. This was mostly out of pure anger that I didn't know how to use. This is the most ridiculous year of the BCS ever already. It is so screwed up it's unimaginable. My motivation for this poll was reading a well known website,, which might be the dumbest web site on the internet. Do I read it daily? Of course, but it upsets me just as often. Without further adue.

1) Texas
2) Boise State- Imagine if Florida had smacked around a top 10 team like Oregon? the media's d s'ing wound never end, instead on college football news, Oregon is ranked 11 spots ahead of Boise, now that is logical isn't it? 2 teams who played head to head, the team with the better record and unblemished record, who happened to crush the other teams soul, is 11 spots behind them in the polls. NICE LOGIC cfn !!!!!!!!
3)Florida- Probably the nation's most talented roster, but they haven't shown it of late
4) Cinci - continutes to bloodbath people weekly
5) TCU - who knew they had an offense, they are dangerous
6) Oregon- should clinch the PAC Ten title this week in an epic game against USC
7) USC - probably overrated, they don't have the swag like the trojans of the past
8) Alabama - they aren't that tight to me, the media always want to compare margin of victory in Boise's games, but when Bama beats a team UCLA trounces, there is no mention of it. Suddenly it's "gutting on out"
9) Iowa - I don't like this team because they have escaped some horrible teams, but I respect the fact they find a way to win each week.
10) LSU
11) Georgia Tech
12) Utah
13) Penn State
14) Virginia Tech
15) Houston
16) Oklahoma State
17) Ohio State
18) Arizona
19) Miami
20) West Virginia
21) Notre Dame
22) BYU
23) Central Michigan
24) Ole Miss
25) Oklahoma

Others considered: Nevada's offense,

Monday, September 14, 2009

King's Poll

Since we at King's of College Football do not believe in preseason polls because of the elimination of competition it creates. Here is my first ballot of the season, this is based on merit, what the teams have shown so far this year. I estimate this poll is 2/3 merit, 1/3 potential.

1) BYU
2) USC
3) Florida- probably the most talented athletically, but they have yet to play anyone
4) Texas
5) Cal
6) Boise State
7) Ole Miss
8) Alabama
9) Penn State
10) TCU
11) Houston
12) LSU
13) Utah
14) Oklahoma
15) Ohio State
16) Virginia Tech
17) Oklahoma State
18) Kansas
19) Miami
20) Cinci
21) Georgia Tech
22) Oregon State
23) Cinci
24) Nebraska
25) North Carolina

Also considered: Mizzou, Oregon, Central Michigan

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is this the year?

After years of injustice, antitrust, and, in the words of Bob Knight "Absolute (FBOMB-ING) Bull Sh*t (49 seconds into this great speech), and with the quick rise of BYU into the top ten of the polls after beating the Sooners (HELL YA), I present the question: "Is this the year when a non-BCS conference team gets to play for the mythical national title?" Combine the early rise in the polls with the, although still limited, respect that the Mountain West is getting, BYU, with an undefeated season, could play their way into the BCS Championship game. TCU should have a strong year, and Utah has garnered the conference and themselves much respect. If BYU can knock these teams off, and also Florida State (who should, despite having no defense, contend for the ACC title), BYU will have a solid resume. Also to consider is the rich football history of BYU, and their mythical championship in the 80's. If BYU is able to win out, and can win some of the tough games impressively, BYU could actually play for the championship. It is a dream, and is unlikely due to, well, the sh*t we have seen in the past, but it is a possibility. Also, Boise State has started off high in the polls. Is it feasible to hope for two non-BCS teams in the BCS? TCU got snubbed last year, although they deserved a birth. Man I hate and love college football.